Sunday, November 15, 2009

Serious Catch Up*

OMG ... do I have some serious catching up to do. The past week, 3 weeks actually, have been filled with extra late nights, weekend photo shoots and Friday a yoga class that seriously kicked my ass! Yes, the yoga class, Rockasana, was fantastic, but I'm fairly certain I didn't drink enough water afterwards, after major sweating and detox for an hour and half. So yesterday I was dehydrated and kind of, well not kind of, but absolutely exhausted. Hmmmm ... perhaps a little more presence with my body would have been helpful.

Anyway, time to catch up and get back on track. So let's start with Miss Lucy Poo and "her" tree. Here she is on the ficus tree. First, this photo does not give justice to just how big this tree is. Lucy claimed it last year when she was a kitten. Thankfully Shawn was able to find something to put around the trunk so when she gets up there she doesn't end up spreading and digging up dirt. That would just be lovely.

Last year, when she was about 1/2 the size she is now, she figured out how to climb up in the ficus tree. I pretty sure there were a few times when she got up in it and just chilled, like the jungle panther. I think she knows now that she's just too big. But she still loves hanging there. She'll rip snort through the house and come right back to that spot. She gets her goodbye pets in the morning from this spot. She has claimed it.

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