Monday, November 16, 2009

Knee Socks*

Actually, over the knee sock. Outfit for today was the socks, cowboy boots, dress and denim jacket. The over the knee socks were perfect for it. The sock part was nice and soft and under the dress it looked almost like tights. And the bow is very cute. But the elastic band was awful!!! It had some shiny, almost metallic like thread running through it and made it pretty much unbearable to wear them over the knee. The metallic thread scratched. Just like the plastic thread on the tags they sew into the neckline of tops. Eventually, I rolled them down to be comfortable. Note to fashion industry, don't do that. Don't use plastic, sharp material to sew stuff or weave into stuff. I'll give up some sparkle to have a soft and comfy over the knee sock.

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