Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's transition time in the Shabibi household. Shabibi, by the way, is our surname from combining Habibi (my last name) with Sharifi (Shawn's last name). It totally works. So the cats, are Lucy and Tiki Shabibi. When we mail things from the both of us, Christmas cards for example, they come from Shabibi. Even Shawn's mom has mailed stuff to us addressed to Shabibi.

Anyway, back to the transition. It's time for the plants to come inside. I actually don't have it so bad, Shawn does like 99% of the work involved. But overall it's not our favorite time because it means growing season is over and the plants just don't thrive the same inside as they do outside. But they need a rest. And it's the season for rest now.

The other thing is that we lose a lot of space. Shawn loses almost his entire office because all the delicate and poisonous plants go in there. Everything else goes in the living room where the most window space is. Buddha will have to find a new home. And on top of that we have to watch out for bad kitties, or shall I say, bad kitty (there's only one) messing with the plants that are out in the open.

The jasmine above is currently on the kitchen island. Why there? Well because one bad kitty was able to get to it where it was sitting and dig up dirt and mulch. You can see her below, eye balling it from it afar. We'll see how she does this year. Last year, Mr. was around to keep her occupied. Although there was a few times last year we caught her climbing in the ficus tree, like a panther. Bad, bad kitty.

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