Thursday, October 1, 2009

Processes, Logistics, Preparations*

Sometimes posting a photo takes a lot more than one would think. Definitely more than I would have thought. It seems so simple. Take a photo, upload it, write something if you want, click publish and viola ... you're done. Not so, at least sometimes.

Today I had a photo shoot with a family and their new baby. So that means a lot of photos on the disc in the camera. Which means I really need to back up everything else I've been working on and archive everything that's done. Because it's likely I won't have enough hard drive space to download all the images from today. Huh? What?? Not enough space?? Don't they make hard drives with gazillabytes of memory? Yes they do. However, my Macbook runs both OSX and Windows meaning about a third of the hard drive space is allocated to Windows. Why would a Mac purist have Windows running on their Macbook? That's sacrilege!!

Well, part of the hard drive is allocated to Windows so my super, wonderful hubby can use it for his videos. And yes, he doesn't use all of it. And yes, I need to reallocate more space. So, yet another process that needs to be done. Once I do that, I'll have more space available and won't have to be so stingy with hard drive space. But for now, there's a bunch of crap that has to be done before I can even download photos from today. Including anything that would be for the blog. And the energy and wherewithal for that is spent. So ... I will grace you with Miss Poo and mousey from last night.

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