Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Peeks Around 21*

Peeks Around 21 is my nightstand. The cool lamp that was a wedding present, a poem Shawn wrote for our first anniversary, the first photo of me and Shawn together (as adults and I had to photoshop it together!), some crystals and stones and book of wisdom, all grace the nightstand. The alarm clock is on there and I really can't stand that. At one time, I had a "Zen" alarm clock. Instead of blaring sound, it would chime. And it would gradually get just a little louder. It's pretty cool, except one night, I noticed that it ticked. And the ticking kept me up all night. And that was it ... the Zen alarm clock was no longer zen. I think they make digital ones now which I should check into.

Also on the nightstand is a spray bottle. Why might I have a spray bottle on my nightstand, you ask. That is to chase away bad kitties. Bad kitties that pester in the middle of the night by digging in the trash can or scratching on something or licking. Sometimes all you have to do is pick up the spray bottle, maybe shake it a little and they take off. Other times they will stare at you with complete and utter defiance, like, go ahead, spray me bitch ... I dare you. Then when you do spray them they are completely indignant.

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