Saturday, September 26, 2009

Peeks Around 20*

Peeks Around 20 is a shelf hanging in the stairway to the third level of our house. The shelf is about 6 feet long and it holds a bunch of framed photos. The first two are photos of my Shawn's dad and my dad. Shawn's dad (first one from left) is probably in his mid-twenties and I think my dad is about 17 or 18 (second one from left). I remember when my aunt gave me that photo of my dad and I was like, who's this? Of course I had seen photos of my father but they were of him when he was 29 or 30. It's hard to believe our fathers were ever this young.

The other photos are of me and friend, me and my Persian cousins (all the girls), the Triumvirate (Nelli, Tiki and Mr.) and Shawn and one his buddies.

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