Saturday, September 19, 2009

Organized = Productive = Present*

Today was a great day. I took the opportunity of a free afternoon to make some jewelry I had been wanting to make for a long time. Sometimes I really need to step away from being on the computer and weekend commitments. And, it's new moon in Virgo. Time to bring order out of chaos. And new moon is a time for creating. AND ... Virgo energy is organizing energy.

So here's what I did this afternoon.

Contrary to my Gemini nature, I set up my work area really well. Everything I needed to either side of me, tools all right there. And what do you know, that organization manifested into some kick ass productivity. I had a bunch of pendants that I had never found a good thing for them to hang on. So I made strands to hang pendants from. And they are just awesome.

2 Oms, a Ganesha, a moonstone (not pictured here) and another pendant (not pictured here) that says Follow Your Heart on one side and on the other Live Life Love Life, so yes I can flip it around! Some of them have gemstones, some of them just glass beads.

In spending 4 hours or so working on these, I was present the whole time. It was very meditative, a quiet mind, just putting one bead on a string at a time.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff! I want one!