Monday, August 24, 2009


Our beautiful Morning Glories on our fence were slaughtered today. Just look at these photos. When I left for work this morning, I took notice of them, all vibrant, full, crawling up the fence, tons of buds on them. I thought, wow, in a few weeks there's just going to be hundreds of purple flowers in the morning. Sadly, that wasn't what the universe intended. I'm sorry, but I'm shaking my fist at the universe right now.

The lawn company that does our community came through and massacred them today. We've been nurturing and watching these Morning Glories grow since late May, early June. They've been inching and crawling up the fence for over 3 months. Shawn was making sure to protect them from the barbarians (Heritage Landscaping) when they were tiny, little sprouts. He even protected them when he power washed the fence. All the while they've been thriving.

The Morning Glories on the fence were special because the ones on the deck are afflicted with a fungus. We've been trying to work with them, cutting out infected leaves, spraying with fungicide and homemade remedies but we were always saying, look at the ones on the fence, they're magnificent and they will have hundreds of blooms.

Needless to say we're just stunned and devastated. The plants, the gardens, the flowers are all part of our home and our existence and watching them grow, blossom and flower is something that keeps us present nearly every day in the spring, summer and fall. We are always out in the yard and garden checking things out, watching them grow, anticipating them reaching their full potential. I mean more than half of the posts on this blog have been about the plants and gardens and their lives.

We have no idea why the lawn company would be so completely unaware. And it's not like they just breezed by with the weed whacker. The person controlling that weed whacker got in and made sure they were chopped up. There's even long sprouts of grass in the same area that they missed along with a HUGE clover patch that is like 3 inches tall. We're wondering if the hoa nazis had something to do with this.

In the big scheme of things, this is by far, not the worst thing that could have happened today. But it's the thing that made me snap and just go on a rant about other things that I was intentionally and purposefully not allowing to irritate me. I spent 4 hours ranting about a bunch of shit and I definitely feel lighter now. And, the roots of those Morning Glories and how could I forget, the Clematis!!! are all still alive and well. They'll come back. Maybe not to the same place they would have been but I know there will be at least one flower. And the barbarians missed one. There is still ONE alive ... this one.

And I suppose there has to be one final irritation ... wtf is up with this stupid ass formatting and code?

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