Saturday, August 15, 2009

Play Time*

This morning Tiki and Lucy were playing. Grappling in fact. The last time they engaged in play together was before Tiki's vet trauma/drama, about a month ago. Once Lucy got a sniff of the vet on Tiki, any progress made to becoming play buddies was over. It was about 2 weeks before Lucy stopped hissing at Tiki. But over the last 2 weeks there has been progress.

Lucy used to play with the Mr. before he passed away. They would rough and tumble, scrap, but in a friendly way. And believe me, you know the difference between a friendly, play cat scrap and a serious real cat scrap.

Over the last few days I had noticed some chasing going on. Lucy chasing Tiki, but Tiki not only liking it (you could tell by the expression on her face) but full of vigor from it. Then this morning I was checking email and noticed some play engaging going on. Then for one instance I stopped paying attention and the next thing you know I hear all this noise, snorting, hissing and growling. I turn around and see full on grappling. Lucy was the one making all the noise, but it was in fun, once again, you can tell the difference.

I ran to grab the camera and was able to catch just a few seconds of the after math of the grappling, which was really Tiki backing Lucy into a corner and showing her who was boss. They were both having a good ole time. Old Tiki Baby still has it in her. Hopefully, this will continue and blossom into some good rough and tumble between the old girl and the punk ass.

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