Monday, July 20, 2009

Time for Some Beauty*

My yoga teacher Natasha says, "where the mind goes, prana flows." Prana is our energy, our life force. And where the mind is dictates where our energy is. For the last few days my mind has been focused on shit and grossness. Hmmmm .... no wonder I was exhausted Saturday. No wonder my energy has been shitty and a bit on the negative side. Well, it's time for some beauty. It's time for my mind to regroup and be with good, positive stuff and stay there for awhile, in spite of what might be swirling around me.

This is new growth on the maple ... I can never remember if it's a Chinese or Japanese Maple. This web optimized photo gives the color no justice. The red in the new growth is an amazing, vivid and bright red. So today, I will let my mind be in an amazing, vivid and bright state, so that my prana can flow with that.

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