Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Out and About*

Mr. must have claimed pretty much the entire house when he was alive. Basically telling Tiki and Lucy, these are all my spots. You can lay in that bed or that spot over there and that's it. Since he passed Tiki Baby has been out and about. She would come out for pets when we were all hanging out and she and I would have lap time, but other than that you would almost always find her laying in one of the cat beds on one of the floors.

Now she lays and lounges every where. She especially likes next to the Buddha altar and underneath a little table. She even went into Shawn's office a rolly pollied on the rug in there ... that was a Mr. thing before.

Lucy has also taken to laying in some of the Mr.'s spots, sleeping on the bathroom rug and at the top of the stairs. And they are both a little more talkative. I think maybe they are telling us, it's ok. We'll help fill the empty spots in your hearts left by the Mr.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the old gal is getting about!