Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sun and Moon*

These are the ceramic Sun and Moon pieces I made for Shawn for xmas 2001. They also hang on the lattice that Green Man hangs on. There's a fun little story behind them in that they almost ruined a divine plan.

Shawn had planned to propose to me on November 23 , 2001. He had been planning this for quite a while, proposing for over 5 months and the date for about 2 months. We had been talking about taking a little weekend getaway to visit a winery and hangout in the mountains of central VA. I didn't know about the proposal plan and started working on these ceramic pieces for his xmas gift in mid-November. Well, in working with clay, timing is everything. The clay can't be too moist and you definitely don't want it to start drying out before you're finished.

A few days before our planned getaway, again I know nothing about the proposal and Shawn knows nothing about the ceramic pieces, I mention maybe we should stay home for the weekend. I knew I needed to get these pieces finished up before they dried out too much and I also knew I would not be able to keep them moist enough if I was gone for 2 days.

Well, Shawn was like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? WHY??? He usually was very laid back and flexible and normally would have been, sure, we can go away another time. But here he was freaking out a little and I didn't know what to think. I figured he really wanted to get away with me since at the time we weren't living together and really only saw each other on the weekends. So I was like ok, let's go, all the while trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do about these clay pieces that were sure to dry out and be ruined by the time I got back.

I soaked the clay pieces in water, wrapped them super tight in plastic and left their fate up to the universe. We went on our little getaway where our destiny and fate was fulfilled and Shawn's plan went off without a hitch.

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