Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye*




May 2009 sucked ass. My two closest girlfriends and I each lost a beloved friend. I've known these girls for over 20 years and we've seen each other through some bullshit but these events were nothing compared to the events of this month.

Lisa lost Cinder in a tragic accident. Poor little kitty was killed by a car. Lisa had no chance to say goodbye to little Cinder and her poor kitty died in such a tragic manner.

I lost Mr. Just woke up and he had passed. At least I got to say goodbye while I was petting him for the last time, even though he has already gone. But he was at home on his favorite rug when it happened.

Melissa lost Dexter. Dexter was an old boy and sadly his time to move on from this world had come. Melissa was able to assist Dexter onto the next leg of his journey at home. She was able to say goodbye and look into his eyes.

The three of us don't have any children. Our pets are our babies and friends. They gave us unconditional love and never said anything nasty to hurt us. Each of us experienced profound joy and presence with these little creatures. Cinder, Mr. and Dexter are all chillin' at the Rainbow Bridge now.


Anonymous said...

Tell Mo sorry to hear about Dexter. I remember him chasing me around the house down in Fl. He was a character.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that must be from Matt! Dexter did like the guys, we always said he was gay. Plus your brother and his pals were fascinated by my boys "package". They took that infamous pic, that you turned into a great birthday card!