Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Little Creatures*

Tiki Baby has been out and about more lately. Before Mr. passed away, she seemed to always be laying in a bed somewhere. But in the last week or so, she's been hanging out. The other day I let her out on the deck with me. She can't get anywhere fast and really just enjoys chillin' outside. So now I'm cool with letting her hang out there while I'm cooking or doing something in the kitchen.

Today she was out there and Lucy noticed. You could tell Lucy wasn't quite sure what was going on. Somehow she knew that creature on the deck was familiar. When Tiki came in, the photo above was the scene. Arched back and all fluffy. Lucy had a toy in her mouth and pretty much poofed and froze. Amazingly, the camera was accessible.

Later I found Tiki napping by the Buddha altar. They are totally drawn to the Buddha altar and I've found Lucy and Tiki several times now chillin' with Buddha. Clearly some kick ass energy that our litte creatures are picking up on.

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