Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Santosha is one of the Niyamas which is one of the 8 Limbs of Yoga from the Yoga Sutras. Essentially santosha means contentment. Being content, finding contentment where you are right now.

This photo is of a fabulous yogini in halasana or plow pose. I would LOVE to be able to get my feet down to the floor in this pose. I would love to get my feet to where they are 6 inches off the floor. But I can't, not right now. I used to be able to and somewhere along the line things changed and now I can't.

As frustrating as it might sound, I'm ok with that. I'm content with where I am now in halasana. It doesn't mean that I won't strive to find a new edge or that I will allow myself to become stale but rather that I accept who I am, today, right now. Because ultimatey, contentment is required for peace of mind. And I'd rather have that than my feet on the floor in plow pose.

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