Monday, April 27, 2009

Letting Go*

Yesterday's post, Twilight, was actually posted this morning. When I went to upload the photo and write the post, I couldn't connect to the internet from my laptop. The laptop houses all the photos, so to get the photo to the other Mac downstairs would have involved finding my flash drive, copying everything over, going downstairs, booting up, and finally doing the post.

Trying to fuss with a finicky, diva wireless network was even less appealing. So I made an executive decision. The post would wait until the morning when hopefully the diva network would decide it wanted to connect.

Making that decision forced me to let go of my desire and attachment of posting yesterday. After all in 118 posts I've only missed two on the actual day ... one because I got home too late and the other because I just plain forgot.

I think I do really well at practicing non-attachment. Everything is constantly changing, nothing can stay as it is and everything is impermanent, myself included. What good would it have done to be so attached to posting yesterday that I put myself through some mental torture to do so? No good.

This morning the diva network was working fine. I showed it.

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