Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Here's the Mr. and Lucy, watching me shovel the snow. You can barely see Lucy, shadow kitty.

They sit at the door or in the window watching what's going on outside. Perhaps they are longing to be out there. Or maybe they know, in the house with the people that give us food is the place to be.

Every now and then Mr. will dart out the deck door and make a beeline for the neighbors' deck. He can get 2 houses down before there's no more deck. It's a total show and pain in the ass since it usually happens at a very inconvenient time.

Lucy has never been outside, so she doesn't really know what it's all about.

But Tiki Baby gets to go outside. She is old and let's say, a little stocky, so she can't move fast. We take her out on the deck or into the backyard where it's fenced. She loves it.

The other cats sit in the window longing and very bitter.


Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

It took me a long time to see Lucy. finally I saw her yellow eyes. how old is Mr.? He's looking very content. i don't think he longs for the outdoors at all.

Anonymous said...

How come they can't all go in the back yard? they surely can't scale and 8 ft fence.

mina said...

Mr. and Lucy could easily get over the fence. There's plenty of shelves, planters, etc... that they can jump from one to the next and then over. Plus Mr. doesn't know how to act. The slightest thing might freak him out and he's high tailing it out of there.