Monday, March 2, 2009

Is This for Real?*

This was the scene this morning. Snow! And a LOT of it! The first photo is the tree that has all the little daffodil buds that I just took pictures of 3 days ago, when it was 60 degrees. Now they are buried.

We haven't had this much snow in a while. A few years at least. And it comes now, with Spring so close. We had given up on the possibility of a snow day. It was kind of a snow day ... the office was open but I worked from home.

By about 2:00 it had started to melt some and the roads were pretty clear. By then you could see the buds, now emerging from the snow. Hang in there little buds. This can't possibly happen again. Soon it will be warm all the time!!

1 comment:

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

very nice photos, especially the top two. hang in there little buds!