Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Mr.*

I found Mr. in a box May 3, 2000, outside of 7-11 and Lucky #7 Chinese restaurant in Norfolk. It was definitely his lucky day. It was like 95 degrees outside and it was him and two of his siblings, panting, no food or water in this box. There were a few people checking out what was going on so I checked it out as well. I tried to get some water for the kittens from 7-11 and when I came back out two people were taking two of the kittens and someone else was standing with their Pit Bull making comments about dog food. I had never been in this position before and haven't since but there was no way I could leave that kitten in that box. So I scooped him up and took him home.

It took me over a week to think of a name for him which was Diablo as he was a little crazy and devil like. But it never really fit. When I moved back to Northern VA and my friend Melissa met him she started telling him how handsome he was ... "What a handsome fella, you Mr. Man." Well Mr. Man stuck and then Mr. stuck even more. For a while it was Mister but somewhere along the line he clearly became The Mr.

M r . (period)

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