Thursday, January 8, 2009


Oh yeah! Now that's sexy. I've never been a slipper wearer. In the summer I wear flip flops and in the winter, well, I just wear socks. Problem is, I'll be all cozy, in warm socks and then step in a puddle of water in the kitchen. That really ruins a good sock vibe.

So my dad gave me slippers for xmas. As first glance, these are something that I would never wear or even consider wearing. But then I remembered all the ruined sock vibes and thought, hey these will come in handy. And they are. No ruined sock vibe in two weeks!

Combine the hot pink, fuzzy slippers, with my gray snowflake socks and martini flannels, and you've got one sexy outfit. Seriously, it's just too cold to flit around in a sheer lace nightie with high heel fru-fru slippers. And it's way more fun to give my husband a good laugh. Nothing like a good laugh to keep you present.

Here's the whole outfit that Shawn captured.


Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

I've enjoyed your first week of daily photo blogging!

Shining Lotus said...

I'm psyched that I've made it a week! And it wasn't that hard to do.