Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lots O' Veggies

Lots o' veggies in my homemade veggie soup. Mmmmmm.... Growing up I was never a big veggie eater. I was grossed out by canned vegetables and how they had this nasty smell and were mushy. And we never had fresh vegetables, except for corn on the cob. I think it had something to do with my mom being a child during WWII and how fresh vegetables were hard to come by so canned was the way to go.

As I got older and started cooking for myself, little by little vegetables made their way onto my plate but it was still limited. Then when Shawn and I got together and I would wrinkle my nose at something without even trying it, he would say, "you're not even going to try it???". So I started trying and what do you know, veggies are good!

Sometime in the last year I decided to try making a vegetable soup. It looked and smelled great but when I sat down in front of the bowl I was still a little apprehensive, thinking , that's a LOT of vegetables. Well that soup kicked ass. It's full of fresh stuff, except sometimes there might be frozen edamame or corn (when it's out of season).

The soup was perfect for today considering it's like 20 degrees out. Plus it's tasty for the tummy and wholesome for the spirit.

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rene said...


I LOVE making soups and yours looks scrumptious! The house just fills up with wholesome delicious healthy goodness.